[Solved] Trial Uploader Status  

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To all Members from now on old/new id's with no uploader status will no longer be able to upload torrents
you must apply in this topic for a trial uploader status with following details:

Do NOT request to upload software/games you will be ignored

1-Before applying please read Full Upload Rules

2-post a brief introduction about your self if you are an existing uploader/encoder.

3-in case you are new uploader state what type of content you are planning to upload and why.

4-if you are a regular uploader in other sites, state your user name in those sites.

5-If your request is denied do NOT pm us or make another post immediately,you can re post after a week's time from your original post.

If you have accounts at various sites with 25+ torrents and our staff have made contacted with you
your account might be upgraded to Trusted Uploader



Mohamed Milanoo Uploader Status Is Pending Fill The Full Forum Again With Full Details ...

hello there I'm trying to get on the site and it won't let me sign in and I can't get on the DVDs and tv site to see all the movies and tv show 


hello there I still can't get on the site can someone help me


Whats Your User Name On Indexing Site ...  ? 



Wait for few hours your problem will be resolved .


Uploder request for user ktljfausa ... Approve You will get your account upgrade in few hours ...

Account Approve ...


hello there I was wonder what I have to do to get on torrent to download tv show and movies

Mate uploading and downloading is starts on our site now wait for some time we have to inform all uploaders to start uploading on our site ... then you can download ...


Request approved for user ..

Follow the rules . 


Hi, I want to ask for an uploader status. I'm a regular uploader on a previous ETT name yuruyuri07. Upload mainly on Adult - Hentai category.

Thanks in advance.

Approved good to see you back ...

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