Peers Not Connecting  


I just noticed that out of the 27 uploads I have done, the only ones that peers appear to be connecting to are the ones I uploaded on the original ET site.  No one seems to be able to connect to me to download the newer items.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Nothing has changed on my end so not sure if it is the new ETR that is the problem.

yes we got this problem yesterday night and we are fixing this problem ....

This has been discussed prior by us and ET.I assume you are aware this is two weeks old on the fix.My update is, June 7, 2017 ep 24 Teen mom I still get redirect link to- at which on page is nothing of Teen mom.On magnet I get the same as I did last week in my client 3 peers 0 seed.Stay on it, a hr and same.Seems peers stat on the site is still messed up.Shows your files are going well and seed.Shows you got 11 comments.I don't know know what to say at this point.See the chat room and reply on request page Teen mom I left.Guess I'll attempt to check back in next week see if fixed.I attempted to find a way to friend you and message and see other options of hang out, but I can't find no option to private message or info else place.Let alone friend option.


Hi Team ETR,

Just curious how you are coming along with fixing the problem.  Keep up the great work.  You should all be proud of what you have accomplished thus far.


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