After a downtime of 2 days , ExtraTorrent back with new domain

Today we would like to announce Extratorrent Returns. ETR is founded by team egool who has been a fan of ET for 10 years. We have

kept our site the same as the old extratorrent to make it easier for our old users/fans to be able to easily navigate.Our tech team has been working around the clock to get this site up and running to what it was and to bring back the old days that we all once knew. Till we get all the up loaders that we all knew back in the meantime, meet our bot Nick. for any new uploaders please sign up to our main site @ here you’ll get your uploaders rights to be able to start uploading. As of now uploading and downloading is a go.  Head over to our facebook page @ where you’ll find our new logo/banner made by fervent designs. At our Facebook page you’ll get the best support from our admins/mods. So enjoy downloading and uploading @

Thanks For Reading
Team ETR …

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